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Welcome to my site. I am Yejide Shabazz, born in 1963 as Jacqueline Jones in Americus, Georgia; named by my second oldest sister. I am the 11th child of 13, and the only college graduate. My father didn’t know how to spell my name. When he purchased my birth certificate from the court house, he spelled my name as: Jacklen, I found this out at the driving licensing department in 1982. That was a very intense day for me and as well as the exam er because he had told me twice to spell my name it is on my birth certificate. Well, I had not ever seen my birth certificate, so I spelled it like I had always done from first grade: Jacqueline, this time the exam er leaped over the table with my birth certificate in his hand and he was not friendly nor happy. He pointed to my name and said you got to spell it just as it is here. From that day forward I wrote my first name as Jacklen. Yes, our father, directly and indirectly made us very strong.

In 1990, I legally changed my name to Yejide T. Shabazz because I had an over whelming desire in 5th grade to change my name; at that young age I did not know what I wanted it to be changed to. I remember asking several people how much will it cost. The amount that they told me was more than my Dad could afford. So, I waited until I got grown and could pay for it my self. My name change have given me deeper understanding of myself, my people and as well as other people because we are all connected and we all need assistance at different times of our lives.


The reason I am helping people be that when we were young and my mother would cook extra food for the neighbor children because she had not seen their parents pass by our house in 2 days, so she feed them until their parents showed back to their home and my mom didn’t even know them. As a parent that is how the people treated each other in the 60s and now In 2019, the month of September I will be 56 years young on the 19th so as I move forward in assisting a lot of people. As the first college graduate I am duty-bound and with Honor to help my siblings first to replace/quit their job and create money through online Wealthy Affiliates. It is innate to help others in my family, and people I don’t know in various cities, states and other countries, this will create a better community, city, state and country to live in, especially financially, morally and respectfully.


The goal of my site is to give everyone the opportunity to create a passive online income through Wealthy Affiliate so that we can live a life as we choose. One that both parents can be available to take care of the children, elderly parent, aging sibling and have available resource to do as needed as free human beings. This will help insure a more wholesome and peaceful environment. Fact is we are all ONE. Any questions, please do contact me.

All The Best,

Yejide Shabazz



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